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Kids' Handy Screen Cleaning Cloth in Pink

  • Designed for children, one of the three cloths, comes attached to a mini pouch and clips anywhere for convenient access and storage from a backpack, camera bag, key chain or zippers to clean screens during indoor, outdoor, or school activities
  • Cleans camera lens, eyeglasses and any type electronic of screens without harmful chemicals. Great Gift for Kids! 
  • Value pack, includes 1 sticker screen cleaner pad + 3 medium cloths. The sticker is conveniently designed to adhere to the back of small & medium portable 
  • Removes fingerprints, oils, keypad imprints, keyboard marks on screen, grime, smudges, dust, moisture, sweat, saliva on displays. Lint free, antistatic, non-scratching, non-abrasive, oil free, streak free, with wick dry technology for fast drying
  • Easy to use, chemical free & reusable, simply dampen a Screen Wiz Kids microfiber cloth and/or sticker pad with clean water ONLY (no detergent), then wipe the screen clean with another dry cloth from your kit

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Great gift for kids!

    Camera & Optical 

    Suitable for use on any type of screens and lenses such optical devices, camera spectacles, video recording gadgets, camera, apple watch, eyeglasses,sunglasses, touch screen, smart phone, wireless, iPads or any type portable electronic screens.

    Easy Use Directions

    Easy use, simply dampen Screen Wiz Kids microfiber cloth and/or the microfiber sticker pad with clean water only (no detergent) to wipe the surface, then wipe the screen clean with another dry Screen Wiz Kids cloth from your kit.

    There is no need for aerosol sprays, liquids, solvents, abrasive cloths, paper towels, wipes, chemical, alcohol or anything else other than a little clean water.

    Reusable, designed to last long by simply soaking the microfiber cloth or the sticker pad in warm water only (no detergent) and being allowed to dry for future use. The sticker pad adhesive may be regenerated for extended use by soaking the sticker pad in warm water and being allowed to dry for future use to stick stronger. 

    Product Specification

    Brand Name

    Screen Wiz Kids


    Moojou Enterprises

    Model Number


    Mfr Part Number



    8 20103 90263 2



    ASIN No.


    Merchant SKU


    Item Weight

    1.4 ounces



    Fabric: Microfiber

    80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide


    Camera & Optical Kids Pack

    Cloth Dimensions

    7 in x 6 in (17.8 cm x 15.2 cm)


    1. One (1) Pink Medium Screen Wiz Kids soft lint free advanced microfiber cloth attached to a mini pouch & clip Dimensions: 7 x 6 inches (17.8 x 15.2 cm)
    2. Two (2) Pink Medium Screen Wiz Kids cloths. Dimensions: 7 x 6 inches (17.8 x 15.2 cm)
    3. One (1) Pink Screen Wiz Kids mini sticker screen cleaning pad for attachment to the back of any type electronic screens for handy use to clean lenses, or any screens during indoor, outdoor or school

    Also available in blue. 


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