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Our Story

Our Story

Delicate screens and lenses require proper cleaning for maximum performance and durability. Our products are designed to clean and protect all types of delicate optical equipment, to be treated with extra care in a safe, effective, and economical manner.

Moojou Enterprises was established in Svendborg, Denmark in 2013 and as been operating in Florida since 2017. Moojou specializes in high-end microfiber products to clean, treat and protect all types of delicate screens and lenses. As technology changes, research, and development of our products progresses accordingly to meet new applications.
Clean Screen Wizard® is a patented brand of Moojou Enterprises that offers state of the art microfiber technology designed for use in all types of screens and applications such as laptops, cellphones, camera lenses, etc. The brand is highly recognized for exceptional performance and quality. 

Clean Screen Wizard® Technological Features:

Clean Screen WizardOur products use premium high-quality soft microfiber fabric for exceptional performance and protection. Our unique advanced technology is lint free, anti static, non-scratching, non-abrasive, oil free, streak free, with wick dry technology for fast drying, safe for all types of delicate electronic screens and lenses need to be treated with extra care.

Our product line includes micro fiber screen and lens cleaning cloths, screen/keyboard protectors and microfiber sticker pad with a superior adhesive formula that allows convenient attachment to the back of small to a medium portable electronic device. Our products are designed to last long, easy to use and reusable.

Clean Screen Wizard® Benefits:

Our fabric technology treats and protects all type of screens and lenses of your electronics without the use of harmful chemicals or solutions. Cleans screens free of fingerprints, oils, keypad imprints, keyboard marks on the screen, grime, smudges, dust, moisture, sweat, saliva. Safely done using only a minimal amount of water.

Easy to use and reusable fabric by dampening Clean Screen Wizard® microfiber cloth, protector cover and/ or our sticker pad with clean water ONLY (no detergent) to wipe the surface.  There is no need for aerosol sprays, liquids, solvents, abrasive cloths, paper towels, or anything else. Our products are designed to be reused by simply soaking the microfiber cloth or the sticker pad in warm water only (no detergent) and being allowed to dry for future use. The sticker pad adhesive may be regenerated for extended use by soaking the sticker pad in warm water and being allowed to dry for future use to stick stronger.