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No need to take our word on the product at face value, here are some testimonials regarding Clean Screen Wizard’s quality from our Amazon clients

Great on the Go! 

I love how these are individually packaged. I can fold them after I am finished with them and put them away for safe keeping. I use it on cell phones, computer screens, my 60″ flat screen TV, even the glasses on my face and all without any problems at all. They make everything crystal clear, smudge and dirt-free, and just like new in no time at all. They are so convenient to have around, I can put them in my jacket pocket or my purse and take them with me wherever I go. - Pixi3Princ3ss “Shawna Greim”
So I stopped buying & trying different brands
These solved my problems! Especially the Microfiber Screen Pal. I have used various other cleaning cloths & they just didn’t clean my computer screen. I thought it was my fault all along! So I stopped buying & trying different brands-I just gave up & tried to ignore the little dirty fingerprints, etc. Then I bought these-why not one more try? They worked! Now my eyeglasses are clean, my tv screens & my computer screen. I really can’t believe it! Thank you for a GREAT product!!!!  - Flower Kitty

Recommend Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 6 Pack
I love this product! The cloth cleans my screens (phone, Kindle, and laptop) so quickly. All streaks and smudges disappear-I have used them over & over and they still make my screens sparkle. The individual pouches are great because I keep one at work, one by my laptop, on on my nightstand & one in my purse. Worth every penny! - Kat Maguire

The Mini Screen Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Sticker 
I found that the Mini Screen Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Sticker is a great product for my tablet and other bigger devices. For my phone, it would only stick to the screen since I have a phone case. However, I love how it sticks to the screen on my tablet and I found it cleans the screen effectively. I’m still rating this product five stars because it’s very clever, and ‘yes’ I would recommend this product!This is a small company yet they have immediately exemplified excellent customer service in their responsiveness, as well as their interest customer feedback. - Okisquid22

Much better than expected – and excellent gift item.

I bought these to bring to a friend abroad, a photographer, and “borrowed” one to try myself on my glasses and computer screen. They have now infected my entire family who is asking me to get more to give to other people. Not that microfiber is so new, but these work exceptionally well and immediately become a can’t do without part of your personal gadgetry. Highly recommended – also the company seriously supports their own product, explains how to get the most out of it etc. - Rick Fleeter

You have a permanent customer here 
Wonderful cloths! Perfect size and the large one is larger than expected. It is the best of its kind I’ve ever used on monitors and T.V.s! Also, appreciate them explaining to not use soap to wash these cloths. I did not know this. The texture of this product is much better for cleaning streaks on larger surfaces than the eyeglass cleaning cloths I have been using. Plus, you get personal communication from the staff. - MKP

I am so happy with these cloths

I am so happy with these cloths. I have a child with glasses who is EXTREMELY picky about how clean they are. She doesn’t like any smudges or smears even if they are faint. She likes them to be crystal clear and clean. I wasn’t able to do this very well with the cloths I got from the eyeglass place.These cloths have a nice weight, great size, lint free, and best of all clean with absolute clarity! Very pleased! - Kelly Jordan “Midwest Mom”

Dangerous, almost addictive - Recommend 

WOW. These cloths arrived quickly, just as described, and perform even better than I ever expected! I have used them on so many things, not just phone, and they are really impressive. They work faster than any other item of this sort I’ve tried, leave a great shine. Love them and will definitely get more for friends/family. - Kit R.

Perfection in a small package

What can I say? This is a perfect package. The microfiber cloths are high quality, come with individual envelopes to keep them clean from dust and other nasty things you might find in your pocket or pocketbook, and they work as advertised. You get three small black cloths (good for glasses and small items), two blue ones, and a larger white cloth for TV screens, etc. They include a little ‘bonus’ finger cloth that you can stick to the back of your iPod or similar device.What sets this product apart from the competition is the company behind it. First, MooJou Enterprises sends you an email thanking you for your purchase and provides a link to a short video telling you how best to use the cloths. A few days later they send another link telling you how to clean them (hand washes in warm water with no detergents or bleach). Finally, if you have a question or an issue, the president, Johanna Rivero, will reply quickly to provide the assistance you need. Oh, one final thing. The Clean Screen microfiber cloths work! My days of cleaning with tissues, paper towels, or my tee-shirt are over! - Jake

Great microfiber cloth for cleaning


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are a great natural way to clean your touch devices
The cloths work great! Just put in your bag and go. - Sharon F. Marsh

Very Effective Product 
Found the easy to use cleaning cloths to be very effective on multiple devices.., they included pouches for the cloths and are first-rate as well.., highly recommend for anything appropriate even eyeglasses. -  Russell E Davies

 Love these things!
Arrived on time. Useful for so many things. Got them for my son to clean his harmonica; however, I kept a couple of the cool little plastic pouches (these are great) for myself to clean my glasses, sunglasses, cell phone, etc. Great customer service–they wrote me to make sure I liked my purchase. I’ll definitely be checking out their store! - Akaheba “MT”

I recommend, will buy more soon

Great cleaning cloths, both a large one, which I use on large screens like my TV and smaller ones for iPad, my iPhone and other various screen gadgets around the house (more and more of those). I love the fact they do their job fast and without leaving smudges, streaks, fibers or dust behind, makes cleaning so much easier. I especially like that you can wash them and they keep on work fine, that’s very eco-friendly and saves lots of money too. - SaCoPa

These Clean Screen Wizard clothes are the best

My girlfriend got these for me, as she knows I have gotten others, and been disappointed at the quality. I have tried other high-rated cleaning cloths, and haven’t been happy with their size, how they come packaged, and the texture.

These cloths are SO MUCH BETTER. These have a nice smooth texture, not one that catches on your fingers if you have dry skin like me, and are easy to clean with. I like the different sizes for cleaning both large items, like my tv and computer monitor screen, as well as the smaller ones for my tablet, phone, camera, and even my glasses. (I had ordered another big name brand/pack of cloths before the holidays, but when I got them, they were all tiny little scraps of material, like samples – I was so mad, I threw them out… Not big enough to clean lots of dust off a big screen, nor big enough to double up in order to wipe a streak or oil smudge.) What you want is THIS brand by MooJou, not the others.

What immediately set these cloths apart? — the packaging. Not only do they come in their own cool package, but EACH individual cloth comes in its OWN sturdy (not flimsy and soon-torn) little envelope. So, I can keep one in my desk, one with my camera, one in my travel bag/laptop, one in my car for phone and sunglasses, etc. Very handy indeed. My GF like them so much, she took one, so now I’m down to five. I think I may have to hide the others…

You wouldn’t think there’s a big difference in quality in an item like this (cleaning cloths), but until you experience, you don’t realize it. After using others, I now know there IS a difference, and that these are better designed for a reason.

Oh yeah, the other thing my girlfriend noticed is that the logo is not painted on, like the last cloth I had… which I swear, scratched my camera lens. I didn’t realize it at the time, and now I know better. Get THESE micro fiber cloths — they really are the ‘Wizard” and do the job better than other brands, even the big names. - JohnAngleMD

 I like how the cloths feel, they are silky 

I got these cleaning cloths because I work all day in front of various computer screens and wear glasses a lot too. I am not happy with the other options I have. Heard that a microfiber is a great option so I decided to try some.
I also go out a lot and wanted some I could carry along in my car and camera bag, so these looked like a good option.
They are actually perfect, they come individually packed, I like the colors and the sizes are what I need. The big one I have on my work desk by the screens. I have one in my glove compartment in the car and two other ones in my camera bag.
I like how the cloths feel, they are silky, they feel good and when you use them they don’t slide off your hand. I am very pleased with this product and can confidently recommend it. - Oliver