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Designed for 13 in Laptops, MacBook 13 Pro Screen Imprint Protection Keyboard Cover Liner

  • Functions as Keyboard Protector | Keyboard Trackpad Touchpad Cover| Screen Protector | Screen Cleaner | Keyboard Cleaner. Microfiber cloths keyboard covers protect the screen from the keys, prevents transfer of marks contaminants and allergens such pollen from keyboard to the screen when closed.
  • Engineered in Denmark. Made of 100% premium ultra soft microfibre fabric for high performance to treat, clean and protect all type of delicate screens. Safe for screens, has special technology permit using only a minimal amount of water.
  • Safely removes fingerprints, oils, keypad imprints, grime, smudges, dust, moisture, sweat, saliva and more from your electronics using only a minimal amount of water.
  • Lint free, anti-static, non-scratching, non-abrasive, oil free, fast drying.
  • Easy to use, chemical free & reusable, simply dampen a Clean Screen Wizard® microfiber cloth with clean water ONLY (no detergent), then wipe the screen clean with another dry Clean Screen Wizard® cloth from your kit.
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Designed to Fit Laptop 13- Inch Screen

Completely covers the touch pad / keyboard /Touch Bar/ and screen itself. Includes 3 sizes to assured perfect fit to your device 13 inch. Perfect Fit keyboard/ screen protector for the newest MacBook Pro 13” and older versions.

    • Apple MacBook Pro 13 Laptops Newest 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and older models.
    • MacBook Pro 13.3 Retina (new and earlier models).
    • MacBook Pro 13.3 Touch Bar/Touch ID (new and earlier models).
    • Alienware 13, Acer 13, Asus 13, Dell XPS 13.
    • Great Fit for Lenovo Yoga 910 13, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 13.3, Lenovo Yoga 720 13, HP 13.3, HP 14, Acer 14, Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre 13, Alienware 13, Samsung 13, and most laptops 13-inch.

Easy Use Directions

Easy use, simply dampen Clean Screen Wizard® microfiber cloth and/or the microfiber sticker pad with clean water only (no detergent) to wipe the surface, then wipe the screen clean with another dry Clean Screen Wizard® cloth from your kit.

There is no need for aerosol sprays, liquids, solvents, abrasive cloths, paper towels, wipes, chemical, alcohol or anything else other than a little clean water.

Reusable, designed to last long by simply soaking the microfiber cloth or the sticker pad in warm water only (no detergent) and being allowed to dry for future use. The sticker pad adhesive may be regenerated for extended use by soaking the sticker pad in warm water and being allowed to dry for future use to stick stronger.


Product Specification


Brand Name

Clean Screen Wizard®


Moojou Enterprises

Manufacturer Model


Mfr Part Number



8 60313 00145 9





Merchant SKU


Item Weight

2.0 ounces



Fabric: Microfiber

80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide


13" Screen

Cloth Dimensions

Multi Size


What’s included with this Clean Screen Wizard package?

    1. Two (2) Clean Screen Wizard® soft lint free advanced microfiber cloths. Dimensions: Multi Size
    2. One (1) Clean Screen Wizard sticker screen cleaning pad for attachment to the back of any type electronic devices for handy use. Dimensions: Medium 1 ½ in x 1 ½ in (4 cm x 4 cm) Black.
    Microfiber cleaning cloths and keyboard covers/protectors help to keep clean and disinfect your electronics and lenses without damaging, highly needed during the pandemic crisis COVID-19. Read more

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